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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Take A Walk In The Desert

What does one wear to look stylist while trouncing around in the desert sands? Well, J.Crew, of course! My recent obsession has been the Suede MacAlister boots by J.Crew. These are not a new fashion, they've been around since my parents were teens...the 60's? Anyways, the day I brought them home, a few weeks ago, my dad laughed and said how he had worn those all the time when he was a kid (and, not to mention probably only paid $20 for them). It's funny how trends come full circle like that, but in such a new way, with such a new twist. This time, J.Crew has brought back these sand-stompers for a slightly higher price of $135...but I promise you, they're well worth it!

Paired with colorful ankle tight/socks and a dressier pencil skirt, black toothpick jeans, or even a day dress. This look is the essence of "borrowing from the boys", which is something the crew always does so very well...and these shoes are actually made for men, (so buy at least one size below your normal size (I'm a Women's 7 .5 or an 8 and I bought a Men's size 6, and they still have a little room).
Another cool take on the MacAlister desert boot style is their Sahara suede ankle boots, which are very Chloe, who I just love love love! They have a 3" heel, made of the softest suede, with lace-up detailing and a fold over top. They seem super comfortable, but are a tad pricey for $225. But, they are so chic and incredibly wearable (with a girlie, flowy dress for Spring..adorable!). I simply can't get enough of this trend, it's hot hot hot!

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