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Friday, January 22, 2010

Beauty Buzz: YSL Radiant Touch Concealer

I've discovered a beauty gem, something that I've been searching for since the first day I realized I seriously needed to cover-up my blemishes (age 13???...). The quest for the perfect concealer is like looking for the perfect mate. You're always looking for something that gives you just enough, without smothering you completely. I've always hated face make-up, but unfortunately, like most people, I cannot afford to go au-natural all the time. So, after years of testing out and throwing away concealer after concealer until my wallet was robbed of probably hundred of dollars, I've found it! Over New Year's, my beauty-savvy friend, who always has the best top-of-the-line products, whipped out a shiny little gold stick and brushed on a flawlessly smooth liquid, which then blended seemlessly onto her face until her complexion glowed radiantly. I had to have it, what was this miracle potion?! She told me, and now I must share with you all: Yves Saint Laurent, "YSL Touche Eclat" (Radiant Touch) concealer brush pen.

This award-winning must-have highlights, banishes shadows, erases fatigue signs, and adds a radient glow to your complexion. Just brush around the eye, chin, lip countour, and nose sides to mask your pesky blemishes and reveal your brilliant, beautiful face. Four reasons why you have to have this item:

1. It works on all skin types (seriously, I have break-out prone skin and this is light, non-oily, and breathable)
2. It retails at only $40.00 !!!!
3. It comes in 4 shades, which blends into and covers every single skin tone-it's amazing!
4. It's perfectly portable-a staple for your make-up bag, small enough to throw in any clutch!

Available at various department stores, Sephore (where I got mine), and online. I'll be a lifetime devoted user of this product and you should too!!

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