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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010: New Year, New Beginings

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe yet another year has flown by (cliche to say, i know...but this has been a milestone year for me...). This time last year I was packing up my room in Fairfield, CT, headed back to Oxford, Ohio to finish up my Senior Year at Miami University. Since then, I've graduated, spent a whole summer trying to find myself...but mostly goofing around; jet-setting to Chicago, vacationing in North Carolina, and savoring what will most likely be the last summer of true freedom in my beachy hometown. I've been fortunate enough to find two amazing part-time jobs; one involving writing, and one involving fashion (doesn't get much better!); which have been keeping me very satisfied, up-to-date, and busy! The Holiday season came and went, and I flew out to Chicago once again, to ring in the New Year with college friends, taking on the windy city in true fashion like always! Chi-town was a site to see, so full of youth, style, energy, and was very hard to say fare-well. Nonetheless, I found comfort in the fact that I would be coming back to the East Coast, where I can take my fresh start to a New Year, and find my new path for 2010!

It has been only 4 months since I've started the blog, although it seems like much longer...I started writing with no real reason or expectation that anyone would want to read it...I simply knew that I loved fashion, I had a lot of free time, and I might as well try to share my passion with whomever would possibly stumble across it and who'd be willing to listen. What I found in the process is a deep passion for something else: writing. Writing is something that I loved to do when I was in grade school...but, because of the endless and arduous papers that were forced upon me during my years of higher education, I seemed to have lost that love somewhere along the way. My posts began very lengthy and quite frequent, but have recently dwindled off until becoming completely non-existent...I've been negligent. Granted, I have gotten two part-time jobs since October, which have been quite time-consuming. However, I am a person who believes that there is always a way to find at least some time in the day to accomplish what you need to, or want matter what!

Therefore, as part of my long list of New Year's Resolutions (yes, I've become one of those people..the resolution-makers I used to sue me) which I have scribbled down on two sheets of flashy neon poster board, number 3 reads: "Blog AT LEAST once a day". And, so, there it is; my dedication to myself as a writer/blogger/fashionista, and to you all as readers/friends/critics, to deliver a minimum of one write-up per day, throughout all of 2010. I know I can do it, because as I am typing this up, I am becoming filled with excitement at the challenge. After all, writing about all things fashion is without a doubt exactly what I love to do.

So, you all, stay tuned until tomorrow, for my first official post of the new year...stay chic, stay fabulous. Happy 2010!



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