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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Row Row Row

...your boat? No, I am not referring to the silly childhood song that speaks of rowing a boat merily down a stream (what was the point of that song anyways..??). I'm talking about the mens and women apparel and accessories line from you favorite Full House stars, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These fashionable twin sistahs never shy away from expressing their unique, and individual, styles. While they have been printed on the pages of a many "Fashion Police" and fashion "Don'ts" editorials, it is usually only because they were guilty of a crime that I believe it excusable: being daring! So, it is somewhat surprising to see that their line, called The Row, is not so out of the box. However, that is not to say that it is not impressive. I actually love the wearibility of their designs, which include looks and items that real women will really wear. yay.

The brand actually began in 2007, when the identicals set out to make the perfect t-shirt, attempting to intertwine great tailoring and modern day classics. They expanded into men's in 2009, and just launched their website- which is why all the hype about it currently. Apparently the Row's style philosophy does not believe in that's why the Spring/Summer 2010 collection has so many tribal-inspired pieces and stylings?? yup...that's what I thought. But hey, I'm not knocking it, I quite like their clean lines and classic wardrobe staples. Well done Michelle Tanner, i mean..Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I was expecting bag-lady garb, and they delivered chic essentials. Not rude at all, rather very appropriate. Uncle Jesse must be very proud. Love love love, want! ...oh ya, it's pretty affordable too.
The Row official website (with online store!)

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