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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Take a Bite Out Of Fashion, with Cake Couture!

I was just about to show down and head to bed, sans late-night treat, when I decided to take one-last glance at my Twitter account. There, before my eyes, at the top of my Tweetdeck was a tweet too tempting to ignore- labeled "ummm I'm dying-check this out! Seriously a dream come true! Couture into cakes!" There, all in one twitter update, was two of my favorite things in the world- Cake and Couture- merged together into a fashionista's best/worst nightmare (thank you @ZaraTerez!!). I simply had to click the link, and what I found was better than I ever could have imagined!

BCakeNY's facebook fan page popped up on my screen, decorated with delicious photos of adorable cakes baked and brilliantly crafted into pieces of sweet couture goodness. The album, appropriately named "Couture Cakes", showcased the bakery's cake masterpieces-all replicas of fashion's most famous designer duds. The first pic was a 2-tier Christian Louboutin shoe and purse cake, detailed to perfection with the shoebox, dustbag, and even the receipt! The next was a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Grafitti Stephen Sprouse cake, fully equipped with LV pump, ipod nano, and Blackberry 8900- all edible! Other fab designs include a Juicy Couture gift box (with naughty little sugar panty), a Chanel No5 themed cake, a classic red soled Christian Louboutin patent pump (with embossed sole logo), a prada shoe, a little blue Tiffany box, and a Chanel quilted purse. I mean...I die.

BCakeNY can custome design your cake for any special occassion you'd like-baby showers, birthdays, graduations, corporate events, weddings, etc...and get this-they not only look amazing, they are actually yummy (unlike a lot of cakes that use that molding dough..ick..)Needless to say, I will for sure be scoping out/stalking BCakeNY until the next time I'm in the city (aka-this weekend I'm taking my friends on a mission). Oh, and they also make cookies..and CUPCAKES! ohhh i'm in trouble. And my guess is now you are too, since I can't imagine how you could not be pining for one of these pastries, asap. You musttt check out their website, blog, and facebook fan page. Become a fan, follow them, eat their cakes (or don't-since they're too beautiful to eat!). I can't wait until I get to experience my first real, literal, taste of couture from BCakeNy!! j'adore



Monday, November 9, 2009

Glamour's Woman of the Year: Stella McCartney: The Designer

Every year Glamour comes out with its picks for whom them believe are the "Women of the Year". For 2009, the magazine has put together a list of ultra-impressive and amazingly interesting women, all from different backgrounds and each recognized for their special purpose. Some names on this list include: Rihanna "Back On Top!", Amy Poehler "The Entertainer", Maya Angelou "The Poet", and a special recognition for our First Lady: Michelle Obama. All of these ladies are magnificent in all their accomplishments, however, I was most happy to see that my fashion idol, Stella McCartney, was also chosen to appear on the list, being named "The Designer" of the year. Posted on the Glamour website, actress Natalie Portman was asked to state why she thinks Stella is women of the year, to which she answered, because "She is extending the definition of fashion to include compassion." I too have always believed that what sets Stella apart is her passion for making a difference in the world, and for making women feel empowered and completely gorgeous.
As I have said before, there is absolutely no designer whom I admire more than Stella McCartney. I have always been a huge fan of her work and vision, and I was extremely lucky to work for her at the NYC Press Office over the past two summers. The time that I spent invested in her company opened up a whole new appreciation for me; for her as a designer, for her designs, and for fashion in general. Even to this very day, I still look through magazines and subconsciously search for mentions of Stella, and when come across one, I get this overwhelming feeling of pride and excitement. I believe in everything Stella is about, whether it be her love for designing wearable and feminine clothes that make women feel pretty, or her never-ending dedication to living a green lifestyle, and as a animal rights activist. She is simply fantastic in every sense of the word, and she sure knows how to make clothes that look beautiful and effortless on real women. I predict that this will not be Stella's last recognition as an influential woman, and I can't wait to see what her next venture will be!
Pick up a copy of Glamour to get the whole story, or check it out on their website:

Figure Friendly Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Oatmeal cookies have and always be my absolute favorite treat. Plump, sweet raisins, mixed with hearty rolled oats and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg that fill the house with comforting scents. These round, raisin-filled snacks sound healthy...but usually that's not the case...However, this does not mean you have to give up your deserts to the cookie monster, there are healthier versions out there! But the question is, are they any good? In my search for the perfect diet-friendly recipe, I've tried countless low-fat, low-cal alternatives, which all failed to live up to the real deal. After almost giving up my search and diving into a bag of Pepperidge Farm Cookies, I finally came across a winner! posted an amazingly simple and scrumptious recipe that only takes about 20 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to bake. With no butter, sugar, or white flour, they are too healthy to be called cookies, but way too tasty to be called health food...let's call them nutritional snacks! I was so thrilled when the cookies, this time, came out tasting even better than the originals! I just finished a batch this afternoon, and though I must share the recipe with you! So, enjoy these oatmeal goodies to the fullest, and have second serving, they're guilt-free!!


Dry ingredients
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour

  • 1 1/2 cups of Large Flake Rolled Oats

  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

  • 1/2 tsp baking powder

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 1 Tbsp Cinnamon

  • 1/2 tsp Nutmeg (optional)

Wet ingredients

  • 1/2 cup honey

  • 1/2 cup canola oil *i substitute half of the oil with applesauce (1/4 cup of each)

  • 1 Tbsp Molasses

  • 1 egg (beat with 1 Tbsp water in separate bowl, then add in)

  • 1 tsp Vanilla

Yummy extra ingredients

  • 1/2 cup raisins

  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts

  • 1/3 cup chopped dark chocolate


  1. In large bowl, mix all dry ingredients together

  2. In medium bowl, mix all wet ingredients together. (Hint: when measuring honey, spray cup with oil or baking spray to prevent sticking!)

  3. Mix the wet stuff with the dry stuff.

  4. Add the raisins, walnuts, and dark chocolate to the mix. (If it's too wet, add a bit more flour. If it's not binding well, you may add an egg white)

  5. COOL the mix for 20 mins in the fridge uncovered

  6. Preheat oven to 335 degrees

  7. Drop teaspoons full onto your baking sheet (I recommend lining the sheet with parchment/wax paper). Press down with fingers to ensure even cooking.

  8. Bake for about 15-20 minutes until bottom of cookie is golden.

  9. Remove from oven and let cool for 3-5 minutes

The cookies freeze very well, fyi, and make a great snack if you want to try them cold. Enjoy!

Be sure to visit for more healthy recipes!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Still loving...the Gucci OTK tassel boot!

Gucci Devendra boots on the runway for Fall 2008 RTW show

Gucci's Devendra mid-heeled OTK tassel boots - from Gucci Fall 2008 RTW

Elle Macpherson loves her Gucci Devendra boots - from the F/W '08 RTW collection

Look-for-less version of the Gucci: Naughty Monkey "Kryptonite" OTK boot-

Minnetonka "Tramper" fringe booties- available at

Kate Moss working her Minnetonka "Tramper" booties with skinnies and a blazer

Sam Edelman "Utah" fringe boots- available at

Mischa Barton loves her Sam Edelman Utah fringe boots

The leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, Starbucks red cups are out in full-force--all signaling that my favorite fashion season has arrived-Fall/Winter! And what are the fall/winter wardrobe essentials? Well: sweaters, leggings, scarves, and of, boots, and more fabulous boots! I have been loving fridge accessories for this fall, so I will definitely be wanting some fringe on my footsies. One of my favorite versions of the fridge shoe is made by none other than Gucci, the label that's well-known for their sexy show-offy aesthetic. Although these Gucci boots are from last season's Fall/Winter '08 RTW collection, I am still dying over them, annndd they're still on trend, so yay! Gucci's flat leather riding boots with flying leather tassels are so luxuriously rock chic. Elle Macpherson loves her Gucci devendra mid-heel boots..she's been spotted on numerous occasions mixing up her outfits, always incorporating fierce statement boots...and in the words of Tim Gunn, she's definitely making it work! The boots are also over the knee, and we all know that OTK boots are spot on for this season.

Can't afford the $1,995.00 price tag?...neither can I... But, no worries, there are tons of recession-proof options out in stores and online now! Head to Nordstrom or and pick up a pair of the 'Naughty Monkey "Kryptonite" Over The Knee Boot' for a steal at $189.95 -

or, if you're looking to hit just the tassel trend, try all of Minnetonka's Indian moccasin-inspired versions of the tassel boot (bootie, tall, mid-height, etc) at , prices ranging from $39.00-$110.00- I have the tramper bootie in black,which Kate Moss stomps around in all the time, and I love them!--or you can go for Sam Edelman's Utah extra tall fridge boot at for $190.95-
and, if you simply love the over-the-knee (OTK) style- just check out everything has to offer, because they have a killer selection and great deals! j'adore!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Candyland, on your nails...yummy!

I have always proclaimed my undying devotion to Essie nail colors. OPI comes in a close second, but Essie takes the cake in my book! And for this winter, Essie's colors look like they should be toppings on the cake. Their new winter limited edition collection features three candy-coated colors that are so yummy looking, I could just eat them up! My personal fav, which I just had manicured on my nails today, Mint Candy Apple- a pastel green hue that resembles a mint chocolate candy bar. The woman in the salon chair next to me literally turned to me and said my nails were making her hungry, and reminded her of Christmas! How perfect is that?! A nail color that can conjure up that joyful feeling everyone gets around the holiday season. I know the holidays are coming when Starbucks comes out with their red cups, my town main road is decorated with lights and wreaths, and now; when my nails are lacquered up in candy-colored polish! Other tasty polish tints include: lollipop, a delish candy-apple red, and rock candy, a scrumptious bubble-gum pink. So get yourself in the holiday spirit, and head to your nearest salon/and or Essie retailer, or order yourself a set online at: and have yourself a happy manicured holiday!!
Oh, and by the way, these candy green and pink colors are a look for less option to Chanel's Jade Collection for fall (shown below) that took the runways this past February...(which everyone is dying over, and is impossible to get!). Thank you, Essie to the rescue!

Loving: The Tuxedo Inspired Jacket!

Tux is synonymous for lux..and chic, and glam, and sophisticated, polished..I could go on. A tailored tuxedo always dazzles, and it doesn't only have to be a look for men! The classic blazer has gotten a sharp update this season, introducing: the tux-inspired blazer! These penguin suit jackets have been popping up all over runways and in store this year, and I can't express how much I approve of this trending look. A tux jacket can be the perfect add-on to pull together a sizzling evening look...especially for the holidays! Try it with a pair of sequin leggings, a chic tank, a hot pair of pumps and a piece of statement jewelery, and you have the perfect holiday outfit that will most-certainly make you stand out.

Some of the runway editions can be a tad the wonderful piece from Ralph Lauren Blue Label, the Black Tuxedo Jacket, retailing at $780.00, or the 3.1 Phillip Lim version at $525. If you can afford the runway look, go for it, you'll cherish it forever! But, if you're like most who can't justify that purchase right now, fear not..I found a fabulous selection of tuxedo jackets on and (of course)! Some of my best picks include: the Grossgrain Collar Tux Jacket from TopShop $60, the Mirta Single Button Tuxedo Jacket $298 and Ella Moss's short-sleeved version- the Shareen Jacket $155 both from Piperlime.

So whatever your budget, head to your nearest computer, H&M store (Viktor & Rolf makes a version for $99.99), and get yourself a tuxedo jacket. The slightly longer cut and tailored fit makes a flattering silhouette for every body-type, allowing you to step out in your menswear with feminine confidence and classic style! Simply, j'adore.

I am not all over the Overall Trend...

In a recent article from, the jumpsuit was told to "watch out", predicting that overalls will be a trend to watch out for this coming Spring. My belief is that the overall is that one that needs to watch its back, because I will try to single-handedly kill this trend for good. Overalls only belong on cute little kiddies, stuffed animals, farmers, and perhaps women who are expecting. But on the runway??? You've got to be kidding me! I was shocked to see these all-in-one jean jumper trounce down the catwalk at Ralph Lauren this fall. Mr. Lauren not only gave us the overall for day, but also offered a glammed-up version for night. All I have to say is that if I have to see overalls walking the streets both day and night...I may go nuts enough to even end up trying a pair myself. I have to admit, I have been this put-off by a trend before (the colored tight...which I looveee now; the UGG boot..which isn't so fashionable, but I live in them now during the cold seasons; and who can forget the boyfriend blazer...a wardrobe classic that I couldn't justify on myself until this year..). Obviously, my fashion sense may not be as forward-thinking as some of these design geniuses. So, feel free to call me out when you see me in a few months actually wearing a pair of overalls...I'll have to give it to you, since I've been wrong wrong wrong before! I mean, Jean Paul Gaultier himself has given a nod to this trend, telling that he's, "always loved overalls because they're a uniform...And being true to myself, I love making something different out of them...". But maybe that's just why I can't justify them, they are a uniform...a railroad worker's uniform. I don't know, we'll just have to see if I can warm up to them by spring, will you be able to?!