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Friday, October 9, 2009

Off Runway inspirations

Many of the most highly successful and respected designers get their inspirations from observing what innovative people are wearing and what is happening in the culture on the street. Of course, most fashion designers are creative geniuses with minds that work very differently than the average person's. This is precisely why designers, like Galliano, McQueen, or Marc Jacobs are able to look at ordinary things and see a masterpiece, while we probably look at the very same thing everyday without notice or consideration. I am just constantly amazed with the creative talent of these artists...without words. However, you too can find your own inspiration from the street, or from nature, if you just simply put yourself in that frame of mind- to actually stop what's going on in your busy world, and notice what is around you for a sweet second.

Tommy Ton, the photographer from the uber popular blog JakAndJil, was asked by to document the street styles being worn outside the Ready-to-wear shows in New York, Milan, London and Paris. He put together a montage of amazing and inspiring photos that he had snapped of just ordinary people showing their true style, off the runway. The way that some of these people pieced together the most unlikely items to create a completely harmonious and to die for look is out of this world, bananas...j'adore. This photo blog definitely inspired me to start making more of an effort to think outside of my little box a bit more, and create a style that is uniquely mine. So go ahead, browse through Tommy's pictures, you'll gain a whole new appreciation for street style (and it might blow your mind a little)!

Also, check out the blog JakAndJil, the must go-to for all things stylish on the street (and add it to your favorites for sure!)

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