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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Down on the Farm, in Chanel

And on that farm he had show? Oh yes ya'll! Karl Lagerfeld went a little bit country for this Spring's presentation, setting his show in a grand, rustic barn in the middle of the Grand Palais. It was tribute to the farm-life, but don't be mistaken, his clothes were anything but simple and small-town. The Chanel classic tweed skirt suit, of course, made an appearance. Popular colors of the seasons, such as beige, ivory, and black kept it elegant. Red and blue flower patterned garments were so southern-belle sweet. Pretty, lady-like lace and sheer were combined with rough textures. A few models walked, not a horse, but a yummy looking male model around the barn dressed in something more hip; cool denim with a the staple white blouse and a great jacket. Also found clomping around in the hay; clogs! Some laced up like ballerina shoes, some embellished with flowers- I will definitely be picking up a pair of those for spring! A few gorgeous red-carpet options will undoubtedly be swept up by stylists like Rachel Zoe, and worn by some of our favorite celeb fashionistas. Don't have a red carpet event coming up? No prob-Chanel's cute and sexy little cocktail dresses will wow at any evening affair. And who came on down to the farm for a little ho down? None other than Lilly Allen, singing a country number to close out the show. Both the presentation and the clothes for this spring season left me Coco for Chanel.

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