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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FALL into the Gap

I hate jean shopping for two reasons: 1) no girl enjoys trying on a million pairs of pants when 99% of them inevitably won't fit correctly.. and 2) any pair I find that do happen to fit well and look great have a price tag that would set me back for a month's worth of food purchases. Now, I will be the first to say that a great pair of flattering jeans is a worthy investment because the use outlives the cost, and denim is a classic wardrobe staple. But, I don't believe it is necessary to break the bank to get a great fit and look. Well...okay, I did...until now! Thank you Gap for coming out with a new line of Premium denim called the 1969 collection. Gap used to be known for their denim years ago, but somehow got lost in a sea of khakis and basics for a while. However, that gap has now been closed. 1969 jeans come in a variety of styles, washes and cuts to fit whatever your need might be. Jeans are available in skinny leg, 2 types of boot leg, a straight leg, a curvy cut, a long and lean cut, and of course- a boyfriend jean.

For me, I needed a few pairs, so i was in luck when I found out that the price range starts at $59.50 and goes only to $69.50. So, in typical "i got a deal" woman mentality..I bought three pairs. But, I got my money's worth, given that those three pairs of pants totaled the equivalent to only one pair of designer jeans...and i didn't have to sacrifice style. I usually end up regretting buying lower-priced jeans, but not this time- these jeans actually made me regret ever paying more than $70. Who would've ever thought?! It's safe to say- j'adore Gap 1969 denim, and you should too.

oh, and ps- Ashlee Simpson wears 1969

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