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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Instant Gratification

midnight crystal ring $45.00

solid anklets 3-pack $24.50 (on trend with the neon!)

jewled feather headband $39.50

(Yay! Here, I found a version of the Rochas flower belt for less!!)
Bouquet sash belt $35.00

Duchess ston bracelet $75.00

Polyantha hair pin $15.00

Pickstiched Change Purses $18.00

Sweetest Hive Earings &28.00

Pond Lily scarf $68.00

Ranuncula Necklace $42.00

As a self-confessed shop-a-holic, j'adore instant gratification a lot. I mean, isn't that what shopping is? You feel down, you "have nothing to wear", so you go shopping, find the perfect item(s) to cheer you up, and..ta-da! Instantly gratified. These days though, achieving instant gratification has become more and more difficult...recession blues. So lately I've been very good about not listening to the little Rebecca Bloomwood (from Confessions of a Shop-a-holic) inside my head. I've...drum roll please....been saving my money. And just like a woman on a strict diet is allowed a square of dark chocolate from am I. So on my "cheat days", I head to either Anthropologie or my trusty J.Crew so get a small bite of gratification. Both shops have the ultimate selection of little goodies that won't ruin your shopping diet, but will be equally as satisfying as a major splurge. So head to your nearest store, or shop online (I live on their sites!) at and . Oh, and sign up for their mail catalogs, they will give you the best outfit ideas!

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