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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There's No Fist Pumping At Fashion Week

And there's no GTL'ing either...

Fashion and style are the last two words that jumps to mind when it comes to the over tanned, juiced up, scandalous cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore. I think these reality TV stars may actually be the anti-fashion…So, it was much to my disgust to hear this morning, via the New York Post, that your favorite guidos and guidettes may actually be attending New York Fashion Week! I mean, can you even picture these D-listers sitting among fashion’s greatest, exchanging notes with Anna Wintour and talking trends with Rachel Zoe? No, it’s absurd, and I am so scared to find out whether or not this is pure rumor or if it’s for real. Right now I am calling it just a bad joke, my favorite part being that one of their managers claims that a few designers actually reached out to them. Non-members of the fashion elite have become more and more present at Bryant Park recently, and many of the industry’s most important people are complaining that it is getting out of hand. If the Jersey Shore peeps actually end up with the seats at Fashion Week that they’ve been allegedly requesting, I will have a nice big laugh. While I do sort of enjoy these crazy and wild kids on my TV set, I’d rather not see them on, around, or anywhere near the runways. And plus, how would anyone be able to see over Snooki's hair pouf? No fist pumps for this news flash…it could be fashion suicide. We’ll see if they appear at the park…let’s hope they don’t!

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