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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preppy Sports

One of the most recognized symbols in American sportswear is a tiny embroidered pony logo. You all know that horsie belongs to a Polo Ralph Lauren design, which has become a classic American staple. Coming from a town and then a University that lives and breathes prep, I have owned my share of RL, and truly admire the brand and everything it embodies. So, it was very exciting to learn that one of my favorite designers would be designing the uniforms that the USA athletes will wear to the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The games, held in Vancouver, begin February 12 (only 9 days away!!).
The uniforms are chic, Patriotic, and slightly retro. The outfits consist of navy puffer jackets, while tapered pants, and Fair Isle knit hats, which, according to the's the Cut blog, were inspired by the 1932 Lake Placid Games. Fair Isle knit was back in style for this winter season, so it's great to see the trend transforming onto the heads of our nation's finest athletes.

The Bejiing game USA uniform was more tailored and military-looking, but Lauren toned it down a bit, to give the red white and blue more of a relaxed look.

"This time, (the USOC) wanted something that's a lot more sporty, technical-oriented, a little more relaxed," [Polo's Senior Vice President of advertising, marketing and corporate communications David] Lauren says.

If you too feel like getting into the spirit, or the uniform, of this year's US Olympic team, you can! The outfits are available online (the snow-scene hat is only $75!). How amazing, this is why I love Ralph so much, it's accessible and wearable. Go USA! Can't wait to see you all looking so fashionable next Friday!

Check out to full U.S. Olympic Collection!

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