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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grammy's Most Gorgeous and Grotesque

Ugh, I have to start off this post by saying that I was pretty let down by this year's Grammy fashion. There was only really one, maybe two outfits that made my jump off my couch with admiration. Honestly, I planned on making this a "Best Dressed" write-up, but not I am forced to turn it into a "A Few Decently Dressed" and "A Whole Lot Of Worst Dressed"....

So, here are my slim pickins for the 2010 Grammy Awards Best in Fashion:

Lady Gaga had me going Gaga over this Armani Prive space get-up. While she landed on the Fashion Don't list of many, I will forever stand behind her fashion forward, futuristic matter how out of this world they may be!

Jennifer Hudson showed off her hot post-baby body in this Victoria Beckham original. She could be mistaken for Posh Spice herself she looks that good! (with a few more beautiful curves, however).

I'm not head over heels for Keri Hilson's gown, made by Dolce & Gabbana, but I do think she looked absolutely stunning from head to toe. Her make-up was radiant, her hair looked glam. Loved the look overall.

Lea Michele has been a permanent fixture on my Fashion Do lists lately. This Glee star showed off her long legs in this Romona Keveza mini. Love that she didn't cover those up for once, who knew she had 'em?!

While I didn't care for Beyonce's first outfit, I loved this gold, glittery, chain embellished super-mini that she accepted her award in. Sasha very fierce!

This is a dress that I was very torn of those looks that you either love because it's so brilliant, or you hate because it belongs in the trash, not on the red carpet. Luckily, Rihanna tilted me in the favorable direction, and I loved this Elie Saab gown on her!

Carrie Underwood was one of many who sported the cut-out trend, and just barely pulled it off. I thought she looked like a total beauty, and the dress was very elegant. It did look like she was testing out bridal gowns...but nonetheless, it was a Do for me.

Ok, this'll be easier. This Year's Grammys Worst Dressed Goes To:

Britney Spears...what can I are a mess my darling. Please don't tell us that you're headed downhill again, because from the looks of it, and your fishnet stockings, that just might be the case. The pop princess should be mad at her beau, who's also her manager, for allowing her to leave the house in this disaster. Although the dress is by...gasp!..Dolce & Gabbana...a designer name alone can't make a look work. Sorry Brit, you're a big Don't..

Ke$ha calls her look "Garbage Chic"...which is like an oxymoron, but wutever...All I know is that if she was trying to class it up a bit with this flapper-inspired dress, she killed all hope by pairing it with those hideous heels, her normally grungy locks, and morning-after make-up. Fashion failure..TikTok, someone blow this outfit up please.

My favorite modern pin-up girl, Katy Perry dissapointed me with her Grammy pick, even if it was a Zac Posen design. It's a little grandma-sh, and not good for her skin tone at all. You're usually hot my love, but this look is just cold.

Schnickers, oh my..what shall we do with you? It's obvious no designer showrooms have opened their arms to you..which is sad, but you can at least try to look appropriate for one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. I have no idea who you are wearing...Guess, Forever21, Wet Seal??? Snooki, that outfit only works on the Jersey Shore...but props on nixing the hair pouf!

I've read a bunch of good review on Ciara's outfit at the Grammys, and I just don't get it! I thought she was almost as bad as Britney. I mean, her face looked great, but from the neck down I wanted to cry for her. There is so much going on I can't even tell what the heck is really happening with her it a dress, or pants...a body suit? Whatever, this Givenchy design looks a hot tranny mess on her. Hate it. :P

Beyonce, you made it onto both my Best Dressed and Worst Dress lists, congrats! I think that Miss B always look exquisite, she is a total beauty. But, she is also totally bootylicious, and should keep that in mind when dressing. This Stephane Rolland gown looks like it's cutting off oxygen to her brain it's so tight, and the quilted pattern doesn't flatter her at all. If I were a boy, I would not be impressed...sorry Jay, I love her too..but it's a no.

Actress or Star Trek voyager? Hmm...Kristen Bell had me wondering in this galactic-looking dress with the cut-out neck choker. Such a cute, petite girl should not be wearing such an awkward shape that does absolutely nothing for her great figure. But, maybe you don't care anymore since you're newly engaged. Congrats, by the way!

Nicole Kidman looked a little out of place at the Grammys in this black, ruffle bib-neck Prada gown. Her hubbie, however, looked chic in his shimmery suit, sans tie. Honestly, together they looked like two totally different generations...c'mon Nic, let loose a little, you're dating a country rock star!

Grammy day was a fairytale for Taylor Swift, winning the biggest honor of the night, Album Of The Year. However, her fashion choice was anything but sucked. The blue, glittery Kaufman Franco gown was way too much and way too old for her! I'm happy she broke away from her usual Grecian look, but this dress was the wrong way to go. But you get a pass Tay, because you're so adorable (just don't do it again!).

Fergie is usually totally Fergalicious, but on the Grammy red carpet she was anything but. There is no doubt that her body was rocking in this form-fitting, sexy Pucci mini dress, but it was all wrong. I really want her to stop all the futuristic fashion choices...on stage it's ok, off stage it's stupid. Wrong dress, wrong occasion. Repeat after me Ferg: "Imma be better at dressing myself from now on". Thanks!

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