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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Candyland, on your nails...yummy!

I have always proclaimed my undying devotion to Essie nail colors. OPI comes in a close second, but Essie takes the cake in my book! And for this winter, Essie's colors look like they should be toppings on the cake. Their new winter limited edition collection features three candy-coated colors that are so yummy looking, I could just eat them up! My personal fav, which I just had manicured on my nails today, Mint Candy Apple- a pastel green hue that resembles a mint chocolate candy bar. The woman in the salon chair next to me literally turned to me and said my nails were making her hungry, and reminded her of Christmas! How perfect is that?! A nail color that can conjure up that joyful feeling everyone gets around the holiday season. I know the holidays are coming when Starbucks comes out with their red cups, my town main road is decorated with lights and wreaths, and now; when my nails are lacquered up in candy-colored polish! Other tasty polish tints include: lollipop, a delish candy-apple red, and rock candy, a scrumptious bubble-gum pink. So get yourself in the holiday spirit, and head to your nearest salon/and or Essie retailer, or order yourself a set online at: and have yourself a happy manicured holiday!!
Oh, and by the way, these candy green and pink colors are a look for less option to Chanel's Jade Collection for fall (shown below) that took the runways this past February...(which everyone is dying over, and is impossible to get!). Thank you, Essie to the rescue!

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