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Friday, December 4, 2009

Vogue Italia's Wraps up 2009 with Twitpic Cover Story

The media has caught a peek at the upcoming 2009 cover of Vogue Italia, which has a much different look to it than the traditional front page photo. The cover is a collage of models, shown taking pictures of themselves. These photos are supposed to be an ode to Twitpic, the Twitter picture application that allows users to upload pictures to attach in their tweets. Even the type on the front page is in twitter font style and format. Models featured include Kasia Struss, Lara Stone, Natalia Vodianova, Christy Turlington, and an about-to-pop Gisele Bundchen (who chose to not shoot her baby bump for the editorial). This is not the first time Vogue Italia has payed tribute to a new digital media trend, Steven Meisel devoted the Jan. 2007 issue to webcams and YouTube. Surprisingly, the cover seems to acutally have turned out looking pretty cool (much better than Vogue USA's horrifically photo-shopped November bad..). Models around the world have really embraced the use of Twitter, and TwitPic has allowed these beauties to show that they are not only good at being in front of the camera, but they also have some skills behind the cam as well. Way to keep with the times Vogue Italia, embracing social media... j'adore! (or, as they say in Italian, "amore")

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